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Yellow Peels clinic in Bhubaneswar


What are Yellow Peels for Glow?
The quest for luminous, radiant skin is ceaseless in the enchanting world of skincare, where science meets beauty. Amidst various treatments, the Yellow Peels emerge as a captivating solution to unveil the natural brilliance within.
Treatment for -Yellow Peels for Glow
1. Cleansing: Before the treatment, your skin is gently cleansed to eliminate impurities and provide a clean canvas for the peel.
2. Application of Yellow Peel Solution: The specially formulated Yellow Peel solution is delicately applied to your skin.
3. Activation and Peeling: The Yellow Peel solution is activated, leading to a controlled exfoliation process.
4. Soothing Mask Application: A soothing and nourishing mask is applied to the skin following the exfoliation. This step helps calm and replenish the skin, leaving it with renewed luminosity.

Yellow Peels Treatment Doctor in Bhubaneswar

Dr Aishwarya Bedi

MD - Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy, MBBS

7 Years Experience in Skin & Hair treatments

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Discover the Glow of Yellow Peels for Radiance in Bhubaneswar


Yellow Peels for Radiance in Bhubaneswar
What sets - Yellow Peels for Glow Apart from Other Procedures?
• Vibrant skin glow enhancement
• Unique yellow peel formulation
• Targets dullness and uneven tone
• Stimulates collagen production naturally
• Minimal downtime, maximum Radiance
• Focused on skin luminosity
• Combats pigmentation and uneven texture
• Utilizes natural active ingredients
• Personalized treatment for glow enhancement
• Visible results with minimal discomfort

Who Can Get Yellow Peels for Glow for Skin?

  • Leaf Icon Dull skin and uneven tone
  • Leaf Icon Desires radiant skin enhancement
  • Leaf Icon Wants natural-looking skin glow
  • Leaf Icon Aims for Minimally Invasive Treatment
  • Leaf Icon Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Leaf Icon Pigmentation and dark spots
  • Leaf Icon Wants skin luminosity
  • Leaf Icon Various skin types and concerns

    If you're captivated by the idea of illuminating your skin's natural Radiance through a harmonious blend of science and nourishment, consider exploring Yellow Peels at Skin Recovery Clinic, offered by Dr Aishwarya Bedi.



    Results vary, but typically noticeable improvements can be seen after a few sessions. Regular maintenance treatments are advised to sustain the radiant effects. The duration of results depends on individual factors and the skincare routine.

    It improves skin texture, minimizes pigmentation, and even out skin tone. They stimulate collagen production, reduce fine lines, and promote a vibrant complexion. The treatment is customizable and offers visible results with minimal downtime.

    Common side effects include mild redness, peeling, or slight discomfort after the procedure. These effects are temporary and usually subside within a few days. Risks are minimal when administered by a trained professional using appropriate formulations.

    Yes, it can complement other skincare procedures like microneedling or dermal fillers. Consulting with a skincare professional will help determine the best treatments for specific skin needs and goals.

    These are tailored for luminosity and Radiance. Their specialized formulation targets specific skin concerns while promoting a glowing complexion. Compared to some treatments, they offer a quicker recovery with noticeable and long-lasting results for healthier skin.

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    Before Yellow Peel
    After Yellow Peel

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