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Dark Circle Removal Treatment in Bhubaneswar


Dr. Aishwarya at The Skin Recovery offers a comprehensive treatment for dark circles, incorporating chemical peel and fillers. This approach aims to reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, providing a refreshed and rejuvenated look.

Techniques used for Dark Circle Removal in Bhubaneswar


Dark Circle Treatment in Bhubaneswar

The treatment begins with the application of a chemical peel to exfoliate the skin's top layer and stimulate collagen production. Fillers are then strategically injected to address volume loss and smooth the under-eye area. This combination approach targets the causes of dark circles, resulting in improved skin tone and texture.

Benefits of Dark Circle Removal

  • leaf iconTreatment reduces pigmentation and improves skin color around the eyes. 
  • leaf iconFillers address hollow areas, restoring volume and youthful contours.
  • leaf iconDark Circle treatment often diminishes fine lines and wrinkles.
  • leaf iconStimulated collagen production leads to smoother, more resilient skin. 
  • leaf iconPatients achieve a refreshed, more youthful under-eye appearance. 

Ideal Candidate for Dark Circle Removal

  • leaf iconIndividuals with dark circles seeking improvement.
  • leaf iconThose looking for a non-surgical solution.
  • leaf iconPeople who wish to achieve a more youthful and refreshed appearance in the under-eye area.

Risks & Side-effects of Dark Circle Removal

  • leaf iconMinor Discomfort: Patients may experience mild discomfort or swelling, which usually subsides quickly.
  • leaf iconRedness:Temporary redness at the treatment site.
  • leaf iconExtremely rare risks include infection or allergic reactions to fillers.

Dark Circle Removal Clinic in Bhubaneswar


The Skin Recovery, under the guidance of Dr. Aishwarya, is a trusted destination for dark circle treatment. Dr. Aishwarya's extensive experience and patient-centered approach ensure that individuals receive personalized treatment plans, incorporating advanced techniques like chemical peel and fillers. With a reputation built on proven results, The Skin Recovery provides a comforting and inclusive environment, empowering patients to achieve a rejuvenated under-eye appearance.



Treatment costs can vary based on individual needs and the extent of the dark circles. A consultation with Dr. Aishwarya is recommended for an accurate estimate.

Chemical peel exfoliates and rejuvenates the skin, while fillers address volume loss and smooth the under-eye area, collectively reducing the appearance of dark circles.

Recovery time is usually minimal, with patients often resuming their regular activities shortly after the procedure.
The number of sessions may vary depending on individual requirements and the patient's response to treatment. Dr. Aishwarya will provide guidance during your consultation.
The procedure is generally well-tolerated with mild discomfort, and it is typically completed as an outpatient procedure in a relatively short amount of time.

Before & After

Before Dark Circle Removal
After Dark Circle Removal

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