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Red Carpet Facial clinic in Bhubaneswar


Experience Red Carpet Radiance at The Skin Recovery! Unveil Your Star-Worthy Glow with Our Exclusive Red Carpet Facials Today!

What is a Red Carpet facial?

Have you ever pondered the secret behind celebrities' goddess-like radiance on the Red Carpet? Endorsed by celebrities themselves, the Red Carpet facial is the answer for those craving a dewy complexion. Tailored to tackle various skin concerns simultaneously, our Red Carpet facial is your gateway to achieving youthful luminosity and beautifully sculpted cheekbones and jawlines.

Red Carpet Facial Doctor Bhubaneswar

Dr Aishwarya Bedi

MD - Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy, MBBS

7 Years Experience in Skin & Hair treatments

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About red carpet facial


red carpet facial treatment in bhubaneswar
Crafted for those seeking an instantly radiant complexion, Dr. Aishwarya's Red Carpet Facial is ideal for special occasions or regular upkeep. The magic lies in our exclusive formula, marrying the power of Conscious Peel and Amino Acids to create an intelligently designed exfoliation system. This system operates like a deep cleanse, purifying pores, dissolving impurities, and harmonizing skin tone. The grand finale is our deeply hydrating Red Carpet Professional Mask, infusing a potent blend of minerals, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and collagen through a chrono-energetic process that stimulates cell renewal.

Each treatment package includes:

  • • A gentle to moderate non-invasive peel
  • • A soothing facial ultrasonic massage
  • • The indulgent Deeply Hydrating Red Carpet mask
  • • A luxurious Caviar Antioxidant Ampoule

What does the Red Carpet facial involve?

Deep Exfoliation:Commence the facial with a deep exfoliation enzyme peel, kickstarting the skin resurfacing process. It gently eliminates dead skin cells, unveiling polished, dewy, and even-toned skin.

Radio Frequency:Following the peel, employ radio frequency to enhance blood circulation and reduce the appearance of open pores. This step works wonders on dark circles while firming and tightening the skin sculpting cheekbones and jawlines.

Intensive Mask:Progress to the caviar and hyaluronic acid intensive mask, brimming with collagen and hyaluronic acid, delivering hydration and stimulating collagen production. Hyaluronic acid locks in moisture, ensuring skin stays rejuvenated and radiant.

Serum Infusion:Conclude with a stem cell serum infusion, utilizing chilled pure oxygen to awaken skin cells. Packed with amino acids and peptides, stem cells are a skincare powerhouse that fosters skin renewal.

Their antioxidant properties nourish skin cells, promoting collagen formation, reducing lines and wrinkles, refining skin texture and tone, and bestowing a youthful, healthy glow.

Who should get the Red Carpet facial?

The Red Carpet facial has emerged as a skincare phenomenon, capturing the attention of beauty enthusiasts and professionals alike. Designed to impart a radiant and rejuvenated complexion, it's no wonder this treatment is often associated with celebrity appearances on the red carpet.

  • • Special Occasions Enthusiasts
  • • A Desire for Instant Radiance
  • • Fine Lines and Wrinkles Concerns
  • • Uneven Skin Texture and Tone
  • • Pore Minimization and Skin Tightening
  • • Dark Circles and Under-Eye Concerns
  • • Hydration and Collagen Boost
  • • Customized Skincare Goals

What can You expect after the facial?

After undergoing the Red Carpet facial, you can expect a range of positive outcomes and improvements in your skin's appearance and feel.

  • • Immediate Radiance
  • • Smooth and Polished Skin
  • • Reduced Pore Visibility
  • • Hydrated and Plump Skin
  • • Minimized Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • • Improved Skin Tone
  • • Diminished Dark Circles
  • • Youthful Glow
  • • Enhanced Product Absorption
  • • Boosted Self-Confidence

At The Skin Recovery, we understand your desire for fresh, radiant skin before those critical moments. Our Red Carpet Facial is the perfect choice, offering an immediate luminous glow. We suggest scheduling this facial at least one day before your significant event to achieve that coveted lit-from-within appearance.

Before & After


before red carpet facial
after red carpet facial

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